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Bought a New Car? Here’s Why You Need Car Insurance

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Getting into a car accident is one of the worst nightmares. On top of physical injuries and damage, you’ll also have to deal with medical and vehicle expenses. You will have to depend on friends and family for transport or take a taxi everyday, which will probably incur its own set of costs.

However, if you have a car that is fully insured covering third party damages and personal accidents, you will have a lot less to deal with. Our lives are full of risks and unexpected circumstances, you never know what may happen tomorrow.

Getting your vehicle insured can save you from a plethora of troubles. It instills a foresightedness in you to always have a plan B in mind. Even if you don’t ever get into an accident, your car can still suffer from damages here and there. To safeguard your car, your family, and your own self, here are the ultimate reasons why your new car should be immediately insured.

1. It Pays For the Damage Done

This goes without saying but any unfortunate events can be easily covered by a good car insurance policy. If you’re caught even in minor accident and end up bumping into another person’s car, you can always expect a heated argument followed by penalty fees.

You car insurance can save you from these penalties and restore all the damages in a decent, civil manner.

2. Theft and Fire Protection

If you’ve recently bought a new car, you will naturally become protective of it. Finding out that a door part or a side mirror has been stolen one day can be quite dreadful. However, with car insurance at least you’ll be able to get compensation for the loss and restore the stolen parts, or even a whole replacement car.

Same goes for fire protection. Nothing can save your vehicle if it is ever caught in a blazing fire. And, the only solution may be a car replacement that only the insurance can get you.

3. If You’re a Good Driver, You Get Discounts

Why wouldn’t anyone want free discounts if all they have to do is drive responsibly? If you’ve had a no claim record, many insurance companies will actually pay you back as a reward.

In hope that these reasons have convinced you, don’t wait anymore and get your insurance now.

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