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The 3 Common Mistakes that May Increase Your Car Insurance

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The things that end up hurting us the most often involve a lot of money. Such is the case with hefty car insurance policies. Many times, people in a fit of passion may end up making insurance-related blunders that can charge them way more than what they’re supposed to pay.

Have a look at some of these mistakes that can increase your car insurance costs.

1. When You End Up Choosing the Wrong Policy

Getting car insurance is expensive on its own, however, if you end up signing the wrong insurance policy, you may end up paying way more. For example, even though comprehensive coverage is important, if you don’t use your car that much, you’re basically paying more for less.

You may instead want to opt for a third party liability policy that gives you coverage at a much cheaper rate.

2. When You Cancel Your Insurance Too Soon

A key rule is to always maintain your existing insurance policy until you’ve found a new policy that perfectly suits your vehicle’s needs. A lot of times, people switch from one policy to another with a huge lapse in between. This time gap can cause your insurer to charge you premium rates.

There are chances you won’t even be eligible for discounts because of that empty spot where you had no insurance at all. Make a note in your diary or somewhere you’re constantly reminded to never switch insurance policies without a back-up plan.

3. When You Only Focus on Saving Money

Don’t opt for a car insurance policy just because it offers the best price. Instead, try to go through its claim history, past performance, customer feedback, and overall reputation. You may end up facing more hassles if the only selling point of the insurance company is the price.

Make sure to be extra careful of these mistakes the next time you’re dealing with car insurance.


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